Golly: how an open source project took over the study of cellular automata.

Presentation by Tony Smith at OSDC, Melbourne, Australia, November 2010.


Slides (HTML)*

Slides (PDF)*

*Animations used in slides but represented by key frames in HTML and PDF versions:

SlideLink to animation
1Golly Ticker
1Conway Life common
2Gosper‘s glider gun
4Fredkin‘s reproducing CA
7Pulsar in a Tube
14Generations 345/3/6 common
15Hanu (as first seen in The Wild)
16First 100 at 100,000 iterations
20Life in a Tube: Perl Harbour
202 of 7 (L to R): Pulsar (again)
203: Pentadecathalon
204: Square Band
205: Blinker Gobblers
206: Ice Breaker
207 of 7: Slow Randomiser
23In my first RuleTree rule
242 of 3 (top): track to p8 trail
243 of 3: track to shifted track
28Early once off find in The Wild

Golly 2.2 released 22 November 2010

Zip files opened in Golly during the presentation:

Download zip fromPattern demonstrated
Life in a Tubepentadecathalon
Generations 3458_37_4sawfish