Thanks to all for helping Bill McPherson celebrate his 80th on Monday, 23rd October, at Errol's Cafe & Bakehouse. (Photos and a report coming soon!)

And at Altona Tuesday
A further celebration was put on by the Altona University of the 3rd Age for Bill's current Altona area associates at the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre on Tuesday 24th.(Photos and a report will be added soon|

We will continue to update the lists below and at left as information comes in, continuing after the event(s) to provide background to an envisaged living history project.

Attended ErrolsSome at AltonaApologiesUnconfirmedLooking For
Libby McPherson
Bruce McCubbery
Tony Smith
David Payne
Glenys Romanes
Noel Blencowe
Don Tinkler
David Turk
Joe De Simone
Ewen & Jen
Bob Slater
Bill & Joy French
Ken Fargher
Gavin Sheehan
Valerie Yule
Katerina Sluga
Eric Yeomans
John Martin
Brent Groves
David Lavender
Mike Hill
Peter McDonald
Andrew Maher
Robert Griffiths
Peter George
Chris Leighton
Clare Nugent
Wayne Naughton
Bruce McCubbery
Jill Bilston
Carl Marsich
Leigh Hardinge
George Said
Carole Hurwood
Rosemary Carrol
John Biggs
Peter Martin
Ray Drake
Roly Vargas
Kim Reilly
Gainor Atkins
Sarah Toohey
David Price
David Lavender
Wayne Naughton
Leo Curran
Mick Morris
Ami Dulex
Toby Thain
Claudio Grossi
Joss Evans
Tony Knox
Otto Mellar
Ralph Knight
Billy the Chef
Mike Dewhirst
John Maddox
Joe Selvaggi
Bill Hall
Rob Brit
Joe Hart
Bill Jones
John Link
Marc Wigan
Roger Arnold
Kevin Harrington
Carlo Carli
Andrew Stewart
Peter Ellyard
Bill Allardyce
Glenys Stannard
Kylie Davies
Paul Bonnici
Henk Reinhardt
Ken Jack

To do this properly requires your input. No single person has any chance of remembering half of what Bill has got up to, let alone how to spell it.

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