Community, Praxis, Theoria

Top level categories for making sense of a lifetime (to date)!


The world divides my attention three ways:


I use "community" to encompass my dealings with people, and places, and pets, in particular following family traditions to become an organiser, an adminsitrator, a "buck stops here" person with respect to first and foremost community sporting organisations, plus quite a bit more besides. I decided enough was enough with respect to mostly voluntary sporting administration in the late 1990s.


I use "praxis" to encompass my application of professional skills, most often related to computers and most often in the expectation of financial return. In the early 1980s, new awareness of the potential of public information communication and access services refocused my attention on directions which the Internet is now progressing, leading to my development of TransForum.


I use "theoria" to encompass my efforts to better understand the world we find ourselves in, initially from a utopian, mostly mathematics and science-centred perspective, but since the late 1980s mostly through better understanding complex systems. This now encompasses private research on conversation dynamics, general evolution, cellular automata, spatial geometry and more.


Of course, these areas feed off each other in many and varied ways, at least within my own activities, though my dealings with others are mostly focused on one at a time.