WebLink Indonesia '96

An outstanding team of presenters was assembled to put on the WebLink '96 Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, in January 1996, but unfortunately for all concerned it soon became evident that the local promotion had fallen on deaf ears and the audience attracted was minimal. While we did everything possible to follow "the show must go on" principle, once we had all caught our planes out there was little energy left to do justice to the materials and the team that had been assembled.

The two presentations included here are at exactly the point they were when it became impossible to do any more work on them. For instance, there are links from some pages to a long list containing my then bookmarks which were included so any of them could be selected at those points of my presentation with a view to replacing those links with short lists after the event. And of course many, if not most, of the external links included in those papers are by now out of date.

The Web version of these two papers was designed for presentation purposes and is only supported by some shortish pages of text, without any attempt to provide a full written paper:

Building the Knowledge Network looked at the progress that had been made in the intervening years towards the directions suggested in Towards a Knowledge Network.

Positioning Business on the Internet provided a "how to" focus aimed at both prospective business users and at Internet service providers based on the roles identified in Internet Business.

Tony Smith